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Campers doing science experiments at the wetlands

A summer of discovery awaits!

The end is near—the end of the school year, that is! If you don’t have summer plans for your kids, consider sending them to camp at the Zoo. Here’s a mere handful of the unforgettable experiences that await your camper!

Behind-the-scenes tours
Where do the giraffe sleep at night? Who takes care of the animals when they’re sick? How do we feed more than 900 individuals every day? Go behind the scenes and find out! (Animal Experts, Outlandish Animal Adventures)

Tiny science
Scooping up pondwater may not sound like a lot of fun, but this activity is sure to change your mind. Get your hands on a microscope and discover the tiny creatures that make their home in Florida’s waters! (Nature’s Laboratory, Animal Engineering)

Scavenger hunts
There’s a lot to see and do at the Zoo beyond animals and exhibits. Scour the grounds for edible plants, animal tracks and other natural curiosities. You never know what you might come across! (Animal Experts, Outlandish Animal Adventures)

Aerial adventures
See the Zoo from a new perspective by taking on a Treetop Trek course. Challenge yourself with ziplines, swinging logs and other high-flying obstacles in a safe, supervised environment. (Outlandish Animal Adventures)

Most camps are nearly full, so register now!