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A Florida black bear peeks inside of his den at Brevard Zoo.

Giving our Florida Black Bears a Special Winter Home

Brevard Zoo keepers are encouraging our two bears, Brody and Cheyenne, to act on their natural instinct to hole up during the upcoming winter months by providing them with the start of dens.

Giraffe Rafiki

Compassionate Care For Our Older Residents

When Zoo residents grow older, our animal care team steps up in a big way to ensure they receive the most compassionate care.

Reptar the green sea turtle

Meet the Patients: Reptar

Cotton-top tamarin

Conservation Success Story: Cotton-Top Tamarins Become First-Time Parents

Brevard Zoo’s cotton-top tamarins, Luna and Cricket, are now first-time parents to not one, not two, but three newborns!

A female howler monkey looks off in the distance.

Bringing In New Howler Monkeys

We recently greeted four new female howler monkeys, who have come to the Zoo under a breeding recommendation.

Green sea turtle McNubbins

Meet the Patients: McNubbins

A Bolivian gray titi monkey looks away from the camera..

Welcoming a New Primate to Our Zoo

Bolivian gray titi monkeys now call our Zoo home! Meet this father and son pair in our Rainforest Revealed loop.

Keeper Chelsea with rhino

Using Science to Breed Our Rhinos: First Steps

In order to support the population of southern white rhinoceroses, we’re turning to artificial insemination to breed this critical species.