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Three lion boys from Naples Zoo

Welcoming Lions to Brevard Zoo

The three lion brothers have arrived! Our animal care team is working hard to ensure the trio’s comfort. If all continues to go well, they will officially be visible to the public on Sunday, May 1 in their habitat in our Wild Florida loop.


Vote to Help Us Win Best Zoo!

For the third year in a row, we’ve been nominated as one of the best zoos in North America by USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice awards!

Green sea turtle is gently in place during an exam.

How to Help a Hooked Sea Turtle

Our Sea Turtle Healing Center experiences so many amazing moments, from a critical patient who recovers well from surgery to the return of a turtle back to the water. But those happy moments are accompanied by the hard times we realize we’ve done all we can for a patient. We want to share one of those times with you in the hopes it can help save another sea turtle.  

Florida black bear Cheyenne searches for sunflower seeds dispersed by a new environmental enrichment device.

Giving Our Black Bears a Unique Form of Enrichment

A new device will build on our animal care staff’s efforts and allow our bears to enjoy some extra enrichment with the opportunity to have some control over their environment as well.

Lemurs Matilda and Kamots on lemur island

Retirement Homes for Our Animals

In an effort to provide lifelong care for Zoo animals, we’ve created custom “retirement homes” for some of our geriatric individuals.

How to Water a Snake

Have you ever wondered how snakes drink water? Learn how Brevard Zoo keeps our snakes hydrated with these unique methods!

Meet the Newest Member of Our Troop

We’re excited to welcome a newborn spider monkey to our troop!

A king vulture chick

A New King at Our Zoo

A king vulture chick hatched to parents 33-year-old Junior and 17-year-old Princess recently! The parents appear to be attentive and protective over the chick, whose gender won’t be known until their first exam in a few months.