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group of flamingoes

From a Romp to a Mob, Check Out These Animal Group Names

Want to know the collective group names of some of your favorite Zoo animals? Look no further!

The Function of Feathers

Birds are the only living animals with feathers, but why exactly do they have them?

What a Weekend for the Sea Turtle Healing Center!

A whopping 13 green sea turtles came through our doors this weekend.

How Today’s Domestic Goat Came to Be

Our herd of goats in the Paws On petting zone all come from one type of animal: the bezoar ibex! How did this happen?

How You Helped Save Bo and Bella

By visiting the Zoo and participating in our Quarters for Conservation initiative, you helped give chimpanzees Bo and Bella a second lease on life.

A Radical Transformation Is Underway in La Selva

Using the latest science, conducted both at animal care facilities and in the wild, Rainforest Revealed will change the face of the Zoo as you know it.

Meet the Patients: Margarita

What’s Up with Cassowaries’ Heads?

For centuries, the large growth on the cassowary’s head was a mystery to scientists. Now they think it could help keep these big birds cool!