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An anteater being bottle fed

“Meet” Our Spring 2023 Quarters for Conservation Projects

Your Zoo visit benefits animals and people across the globe through our Quarters for Conservation program! Twenty-five cents of each daily ticket and $5 from each membership purchased go toward one of our featured conservation organizations.   

A red kangaroo

Meet our Newest Kangaroo

A new breeding male kangaroo named Dr. Roolittle has joined our mob!

Victoria crowned pigeon

Meet the Animals: Victoria Crowned Pigeons

Meet our Victoria crowned pigeons: Pidgey and Pidgeot. Learn all about these majestic birds and their lives at the Zoo!

A black-handed spider monkey eats veggie noodles

A Day in the Life of our Spider Monkeys

Our black-handed spider monkey troop and their animal care team took over our social media channels today – but you can get a look at a typical day in their lives right here!

Black swans Ringo and Tinker

An Update on Our Black Swans

We’ve welcomed our two black swans back to their regular pond habitat along the bridge to our Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond area. While we’re happy the duo is back out, we’re sad to share that our 18-year-old male swan Ringo was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

A Visayan warty pigs

Remembering Makina

This week, we said goodbye to another longtime Zoo resident, Makina the Visayan warty pig.

Giant anteater eating avocado

Counting Down to 2023 with Zooperlatives

Thank you for joining us as we’ve counted down to the new year with Zooperlatives. We can’t wait to see you in 2023! 

Juvenile green sea turtle LJ

Releasing LJ and Grindylow

Following successful rehabilitation journeys at our Sea Turtle Healing Center, we plan to return juvenile green sea turtles LJ and Grindylow to the ocean at Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach on Thursday, December 29.