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Stingray pup gets an ultrasound.

A Checkup for Our Newest Pup!

It was time for an exam for our newest bundle of joy, a southern stingray pup!

Javan slow loris

Q4C Spotlight: Little Fireface Project

You can give your vote to Little Fireface Project to help prevent the extinction of the critically endangered Javan slow loris.


Rainforest Revealed: Meet Boris and Mango

Watch them take flight later this year!

hornbill chick

A Hornbill Chick Emerges

After seven long years, Morticia and Gomez are parents again!

Juvenile green sea turtle

Meet the Patients: Jetty

Child feeding giraffe

Summer Fun at the Zoo

Can you think of a better way to enjoy your summer than at the Zoo? Come see all of the fun events we have going on all summer long!

red ruffed lemur

Red Ruffed Lemurs Are Coming!

You’ll soon be able to see sisters Julienne and Juniper in their newly remodeled Expedition Africa home!

Meru tusk trim

Meru’s Tusk Trim

When one of Meru’s tusks needed some special attention, our animal care team sprang into action.