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Two people riding bikes on beach

Bikes are zero-emission forms of transportation, so there’s no guilt in taking a beautiful bike ride!

Not only is summer the ideal time for outdoor fun, it’s also a great time to go green! Whether you spend your time off traveling, at the beach, visiting theme parks, in your backyard or just enjoying the cool A/C, there are many ways to reduce your environmental footprint this summer.



We know that summer brings warm weather, especially down here in Florida. That means outdoor picnics, beach snacks and BBQs! Oh, and, of course, staying hydrated. You can reduce your environmental impact by packing reusable water bottles, containers, utensils, dining ware and more.



During the summer months, heavy rain washes fertilizer off lawns and into the Indian River Lagoon, where it can fuel algae blooms and kill fish. From June 1 to September 30, Brevard County’s summer fertilizer ban is in effect to keep harmful nutrients out of our waterways. To keep your lawn (quite literally) green, you can instead plant native plants or make and use your own compost!



Grilling out is a summertime staple, but did you know that charcoal grills can contribute to poor air quality? By using a gas or electric grill, you can keep your stomach full and the atmosphere cleaner!



In the words of your mother as you were running out the door to the beach, “don’t forget your sunscreen!” However, what you’re lathering on your skin may be harmful to the environment. Not only do many sunscreens contains toxic chemicals and come in plastic packaging, but they also pose a threat to our coral reefs. The chemical oxybenzone has been found to bleach coral fragments and damage larvae. Protect your skin and the environment by purchasing reef-safe and zero-waste sunscreens.



Okay, we understand that this is a tough one, but hear us out. Setting your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature can not only save energy, but save you money. You can also lower the temperature in your home by keeping your shades drawn during the day. And if you’re leaving for vacation or just spending your time elsewhere, crank that thermostat up!



We know that summer is the ideal time to travel. When you can, choose to commute by bike, foot, bus or train to minimize your environmental impact! If you’re going somewhere far, opt for a direct flight as multiple takeoffs and landings expend more fuel.



There’s no better time to relax and detach from your electronic devices! Make sure to unplug all power cords when you’re not using them to conserve energy.


Summer is the best time to get out and enjoy the environment, and an even better time to consider how you can help it! You can also check out our sustainability page to see what we are doing to reduce our footprint and what you can do to help.