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A green sea turtle is held by a Sea Turtle Healing Center staff member

Goodbye, Popsicle!

It’s sea turtle glow up time! Check out these before and after shots of juvenile green sea turtle Popsicle! This little one went home to the ocean this week at a private release in New Smyrna Beach after a nearly 3-month rehabilitation stay with us. 

A photo of a green sea turtle upon intake at our Sea Turtle Healing Center.

A photo of Popsicle upon intake!

Popsicle was found stranded in New Smyrna Beach wrapped in fishing line, which had cut into their front flippers and neck. This turtle also had a mild case of fibropapillomatosis (FP), a disease that causes tumors to grow anywhere on the body, even internally. Thank you to Turtle Trackers in Volusia County who responded to Popsicle’s stranding and the Sea Turtle Preservation Society for bringing Popsicle to us! 

A CT was done at Rockledge Regional Medical Center to make sure Popsicle didn’t have any internal tumors. Popsicle underwent wound care for the cuts caused by the fishing line, and one surgery to remove the FP. While the FP was a mild case, it was found on their eyes.  

A green sea turtleOur Healing Center team remembers this little turtle named after National Popsicle Day as upbeat and curious. Popsicle was known for zipping around their tank and greeting our Healing Center volunteers! They were also very good buddies with their roommate and fellow green sea turtle Virginia.  

“They loved the green algae we grow in house and ice treat enrichments,” shared Jess Patterson, Sea Turtle Healing Center Coordinator.  

Derelict fishing gear presents one of today’s greatest threats to aquatic life. The Healing
Center reminds anglers to stow their equipment before and after use, and place unwanted
monofilament line in the bins located at Brevard County’s waterfront parks.

Have you found a sea turtle that needs help? Visit this page or call the Sea Turtle Preservation Society at 321-206-0646.

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