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A Nigerian dwarf goat getting pet

You’re welcome to pet our new Nigerian dwarf goats as long as they are in our Barnyard path!

Editor’s note: YOU voted, and our new goat gals are named Trix, Pebbles, Puff and Charm. 

The newest members of The Barnyard have arrived and we’re pretty sure they have “the right stuff”! These new kids on the block – err, should we say barn – are four female Nigerian dwarf goats.

A Nigerian dwarf goat

“We enjoy the occasional back scratch!”

The group was brought to the Zoo on June 21 from a private facility. One was born on February 25, two on March 11 and another on March 25, making them just a few months old. With their small size and fun personalities, we know they’ll be a great addition to this space. The foursome joins alpacas, chickens and a tortoise in this habitat, which is accessible for guests to visit.

What’s better than visiting the baby goats? Helping name them! We’re launching a contest called “Kids Naming Kids” to get these girls names.

Over the weekend of July 22-24, we are inviting young Zoo guests to vote for their favorite set of names for our new goats. In order to participate, bring your kids to the Zoo this weekend, make your way to The Barnyard in our Paws On section, meet the goats and then visit our voting station just outside their new home. There, children will get to vote for a set of themed names for our goat herd!

We asked our keepers to come up with these four sets of four names for kids to vote on, and did they deliver! Here are the sets of names for kiddos to choose:

Celebrity Puns

Billie Goat Eilish

Selena Goatmez

Lady Baba

Goatie Hawn


Cereal Brands






Disney Princesses






Lord of the Rings






Voting will only take place in person at the Zoo from July 22-24 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and is open to kids. We will announce which set of names won on Monday, July 25 at noon via social media.

Visit The Barnyard soon to meet these wonderful new additions!

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