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Kristi with Corduroy the tamandua

Kristi with Corduroy the tamandua.

Name: Kristi Gamblin

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Education: BS, Psychology, University of Central Florida

Title: Veterinary assistant

On the job since: 2015

Previous experience: SeaWorld Orlando (2008–11)

Favorite patients: Pebbles and Corduroy the tamanduas

Favorite procedures: “Every day is an adventure!” Kristi is always excited to work with keepers on training projects to help the animals learn voluntary behaviors that help the veterinary staff take ultrasounds and radiographs. She also enjoys working in the lab and the instant gratification of dental work!

Animals over minds: Kristi was working towards a graduate degree in occupational therapy with a focus on traumatic brain injury patients before realizing her true passion is the animal world. She is now on her way to earn her Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Purdue!