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Nikki with Zippy the blue-crowned parakeet

Nikki with Zippy the blue-crowned parakeet.

Name: Nikki Maginness

Hometown: Blakeslee, PA

Education: AS, Zoo Animal Technology, Santa Fe College

Assignment: La Selva

On the job since: 2010

Previous experience: SeaWorld Orlando (2004–05), Lion Country Safari (2007–09)

Favorite animal to work with: Prim the black-handed spider monkey

Monkey business: Nikki’s experience as a chimpanzee keeper at Lion Country Safari fostered her fascination with primates. She has led several animal wellness projects involving the monkeys in La Selva, such as training female white-faced sakis to sit still for ultrasounds.

Nikki is actively involved in research at the Zoo. She is collaborating with Dr. Darby Proctor of Florida Tech to determine if, in the absence of females, male squirrel monkeys gain weight to prepare for mating.