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Seagrass nursery

Lamps keep the shoal grass thriving in this shaded spot.

If you’ve visited Paws On recently, you may have noticed a new addition near the aquarium. Staff and volunteers recently completed installation of a seagrass nursery!

This exhibit, which was funded by the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program (IRLNEP), includes two large tanks that house “baby” shoal grass, a common local species of seagrass. The nursery features interpretive graphics that explain just how important seagrass is to the Indian River Lagoon and how local students are getting involved in shoreline restoration!

High schoolers throughout Brevard County are growing their own seagrass as part of our Grasses in Classes initiative, which is also funded by the IRLNEP. This seagrass, as well as the shoal grass in the exhibit, will one day be placed in the Indian River Lagoon by our Restore Our Shores team!

Seagrass provides shelter and food to many different species. In fact, a bed the size of a football field can host more than 40,000 fish and over 50 million small invertebrates!

On your next visit to the Zoo, make sure to swing by Paws On to check out the seagrass for yourself! Click here to learn how you can get involved in our restoration projects.