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Brevard Zoo Nature Preschool is where nature meets creativity, imagination, and play!

Wildlife Explorers Nature Preschool at Brevard Zoo is a play-based nature school focusing on cognitive, social, emotional, language, and physical development. Play is essential to our preschool experience, where children learn skills for future academic learning and beyond. We spend our time engaged in uninterrupted, free play and exploration of our natural areas and all the zoo offers. We focus on giving students learning opportunities based on their interests. Spending their first years immersed in nature with plenty of space and time to explore, discover and create allows children to develop deep bonds and a connection to the natural world that will last a lifetime.

License #C18BR6937

About Us

Program Information


Play Based

We believe in a child-led, play-based approach because children learn through play. We’ll provide extended, uninterrupted, unstructured playtime, allowing students to make their own decisions. When we leave children alone to play, they gravitate towards what is developmentally appropriate for them.


Nature Based

We believe that nature has a calming effect on children and provides a wonderful learning environment.  Playing outdoors creates a full-body sensory-rich experience that makes learning more meaningful.  Children have an inherent need to play outdoors, and we want to cultivate that personal connection to create adults that are motivated to protect and nurture the environment.  Students are making meaningful connections to the natural world through play. For these reasons, most of our learning takes place in nature.


Inquiry Based

We invite students to explore content by posing, investigating, and answering questions.  Children gain a deeper understanding of topics when they are able to discover answers through questioning.


License #C18BR6937

Class Options & Tuition

3 & 4
Students must be three by September 1st to qualify for the 2023-2024 school year. All students must be able to use the bathroom independently. 

Program Times
9 AM to 2 PM

Program Options & Tuition
Tuesday and Thursday Ι  $130 per week
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Ι $195 per week

One-time registration fee of $200 if accepted into the program, $100 will be applied to August tuition

Daily Rhythm


Daily Rhythm

Arrival, Welcome to School
Morning Meeting
Zoo Walk/ENS/Upland Acres
Emergent Play
Story Time
Emergent Play
Group Activity
Goodbye Circe
Pack up – Meet Families


Application Ι Registration Now Open!

Welcome to the admissions process for the 2023/2024 school year.  Click HERE for our application.

Please email your application to Jenny Thiem at  jthiem@brevardzoo.org or drop it off at the Zoo Administration office. Once received, we will email you the status of your application. If accepted, we will collect a $200 registration fee. One hundred dollars of the fee will be applied to the August tuition. At this point, you can schedule a tour if you would like to see our learning spaces.


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Our Zooper Kids program is a Mommy and Me style class like no other! Open to Mom, Dad, Grandparent or caregiver our program gives you and the child the freedom to explore and experience nature in a safe, healthy, and happy environment.