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Partner Programs

Brevard Zoo's Mission

"We Share Our Joy of Nature to Help Wildlife and People Thrive"

Partner Programs

Education and participation are central to our mission.

In meeting that mission, it is our goal to:

  • Serve diverse audiences both on and off Zoo grounds
  • Increase knowledge about wildlife, wild places, and natural systems
  • Build positive attitudes towards the natural world through engaging educational opportunities
  • Explore ways to catalyze conservation action
  • Use partnerships, whenever feasible, to leverage our effectiveness

Brevard County Public Schools

Brevard County Pubic Schools

In partnership with Brevard County Public School System, Brevard Zoo is able to offer specialized programs to elementary school students.

Participation Report

Club Zoo
Through Brevard County Public School After School Program, the Zoo provides a special weekly program that provides science based learning activities for children enrolled in the afterschool program.  If your school is interested in offering Club Zoo, email edregistrar@brevardzoo.org.

Zoo School
Imagine taking students and placing them in a unique environment where every day becomes a learning adventure. For fifth-grade students from across Brevard County, this is a great in-depth, hands-on, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For either one or five weeks students and teachers work alongside our education team and use the Zoo as a learning laboratory. If your school is interested, email edregistrar@brevardzoo.orgLearn more

Lagoon Quest
The Zoo has been leading elementary school students in field explorations of the Indian River Lagoon. In the Fall of 2005, this 4 hour exploration became a standard part of the Brevard County Public School curriculum for every fourth grader. Teachers from each of the county’s elementary schools are trained to integrate this program into their classrooms and more than 4,000 students explore the Lagoon each year. If your school is interested, email edregistrar@brevardzoo.orgLearn more

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Zoo Reading Buddies
The Zoo Reading Buddies began in 2016 and is provided through a generous grant from United Way of Brevard. The Zoo Reading Buddies program is a year-long unique experience that utilizes a cross curricular thematic approach where students participate in unparalleled learning opportunities that reinforce the value of reading, mastering new skills and apply logic. Through a strong partnership with Brevard Public Schools, our goal is to increase 3rd and 5th graders knowledge about wildlife, wild places, and natural systems by providing a thematic structured early literacy program serving low socio-economic schools in our community.  If your school is interested, email edregistrar@brevardzoo.org.

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Zoo Sprouts
The Zoo Sprouts program provides early learners in /head Start and Step FOURward classes a series of opportunities and experiences throughout the school year designed to integrate science and nature at their school while introducing the Zoo as a resource for positive recreational activity.  These opportunities include a Wiggly Wonders Program in each class at their schools, a study trip to the Zoo, and a Nature Play Program outside at each school. The teachers are also given a nature play workshop and activities to send home for the families to do together out in nature.


Turtle Tech a project of Brevard Zoo

Florida is home to 5 of the 7 species of sea turtles found worldwide. Loggerhead, Green, Leatherback, Kemp’s Ridley and Hawksbill turtles can all be found in the waters around Florida and females come onto the land during nesting season to lay their nests. Brevard County is one of the most important nesting areas for sea turtles (especially loggerhead and green sea turtles) in the world. In 2018 Brevard Zoo received a generous grant from the Northrop Grumman Foundation to spearhead an initiative focused on the advancement of sea turtles. Through the Brevard Zoo’s Turtle Tech Project initiative we are working with local engineers, Florida universities, Brevard County Public Schools and other organizations to develop and advance technology that will allow for a better understanding of this species here in Florida and around the world.

The Turtle Tech Project consists of four components; there are three engineering teams, onshore, offshore and PED, and a STEM program in local schools. The onshore team is working on sensor technology to better monitor sea turtle nests and hatchlings. The offshore team’s focus is developing better more efficient ways to track turtles and identifying their species and gender through photo recognition.  The PED team is working on software to collect, store, and disseminate the data collected by the other teams. Working with two area high schools, the STEM component brings together engineers and students, integrating the focus of the three teams into their engineering, science, and marine science curriculums.

University of Central Florida,
Department of Education

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Brevard Zoo provides workshops for students currently enrolled in education classes at University of Central Florida (UCF). This opportunity allows educators to add to their tool kit as they work towards their undergraduate degree in education.