Perdido key beach mouse
Perdido Key Beach Mice

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Found only on a small island off the coast of Florida and Alabama, the endangered Perdido Key beach mouse is essential to the integrity of its coastal ecosystem. When left uneaten, seeds stored by these tiny rodents may grow into adult plants that help stabilize the dunes in which they are buried. Stronger dunes provide greater protection to local infrastructure during hurricanes.

Beach mice are threatened by habitat loss, introduced predators and a population decline resulting from 2004’s Hurricane Ivan.

With help from state and federal agencies and other zoos, we have developed a breeding program to maintain a healthy, genetically diverse captive population. Many of the offspring have been released in Perdido Key to help the wild stock rebound from hurricanes.

For more information on this project, please contact Becca Downey at bdowney@brevardzoo.org or call 321.254.9453 x203. 

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