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Brevard Zoo believes in its mission “Wildlife Conservation through Education and Participation.”  As a volunteer you have an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and capability through a blended learning method of classroom, mentoring, “hands on” and computer-based training. Subjects range from personal safety to customer service to animal husbandry and many, many more.

Brevard Zoo’s Volunteer e-Learning Academy, supported by Toyota of Melbourne, is a private and safe, interactive, peer-to-peer learning environment that allows our volunteers to communicate, spread ideas, share resources, discuss topics and learn. There are hundreds of educational modules available, plus we create our own new modules on an “as needed” basis to remain current with trends and needs. Volunteers receive certificates of completion for passing the courses as well as CEU’s recognized by many colleges and universities throughout the country. And best of all, as a Brevard Zoo volunteer, you have access to all of these resources from the comfort of your home.

To access the e-Learning Academy, click here.