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    Only at Brevard Zoo can you get these additional options to add to your memorable day. Invite one of our animal guests for an awesome wildlife experience. Speak directly with a caring keeper about how Brevard Zoo is helping animal conservation. Add some adventure with kayaking around Expedition Africa or even test your team building on the Treetop Trek Aerial Adventure courses which include ziplining. There’s so much to do.

    Customize Your Day

    A Dad holds his child, while feeding a giraffe with lettuce.

    See eye to eye with these gentle giants as they eagerly pluck food from your hands.

    Giraffe Feedings
    Smiling young girl feeding a lorikeet on her arm.

    Grab a nectar cup or seed stick and interact with these tiny Australian parrots.

    Bird Feedings
    Brazilian porcupine

    Our ambassador animals like sloths, porcupine, birds and more meet your guests. Ask us for details.

    Keeper Logan holding snake

    Meet the keepers, ask questions and learn all about what makes our animals so amazing.

    Keeper Chats

    About an hour of finding different interactions throughout the Zoo. Ask us for details.

    Enjoy a guided tour of the Nyami Nyami River as you float past habitats in Expedition Africa.

    Zoo Train

    All aboard! Enjoy an excursion past camels, African cattle and exotic antelope.

    Cape to Cairo Express

    Challenge your group with obstacles and ziplines on a variety of courses from easy to expert.

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