Animal Guardian

Keeping our animals happy, healthy and thriving has always been our top priority. As a not-for-profit organization that receives no recurring government funding for its operations, we rely on your patronage and generosity to care for all 900 of our residents. Through monthly gifts, Animal Guardians help cover costs associated with food, enrichment and veterinary care for a Zoo resident of their choosing.

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Diet: Omnivore pellets, hardboiled eggs, mixed fruit and mixed vegetables

Enrichment: Climbing structures, bubble baths, tractor tires and animal call recordings

Black-handed spider monkey

Diet: Primate biscuits and mixed vegetables

Enrichment: Banana leaves, pinecones, foraging mats and kabob sticks


Diet: Hay, fresh browse, sweet potato, lettuce and rye crackers

Enrichment: PVC feeders, windchimes, baby powder and seasoning

Giant otter

Diet: Catfish, mackerel, herring and trout

Enrichment: Coconuts, Christmas trees, pine straw and ice treats

Grevy's zebra

Diet: Hay, apples and carrots

Enrichment: Scratching posts, logs, balls and music


Diet: Chicken, beef and capelin

Enrichment: Live fish, perfume, spices and snakeskin

Komodo dragon

Diet: Chicken, beef and capelin

Enrichment: Tree branches, deer legs and frozen blood

Linneaus's two-toed sloth

Diet: Primate biscuits, hardboiled eggs and lettuce

Enrichment: Stuffed animals, rope vines and fresh browse


Diet: Chunk meat, chicken and rabbit

Enrichment: Ball toys, scented hay, coconuts and paper items


Diet: Ground meat, mealworms, celery, sweet potato and spinach

Enrichment: Leaf litter, palm fronds, cardboard tubes and Wiffle balls

Red kangaroo

Diet: Grain pellets, corn, carrots and sweet potato

Enrichment: Citrus peels, exercise balls, burlap sacks and wicker baskets

Ring-tailed lemur

Diet: Primate biscuits and mixed vegetables

Enrichment: Netting, puzzle feeders, bubbles and artificial turf

Salmon-crested cockatoo

Diet: Seeds, nuts and mixed fruit

Enrichment: Foraging boxes, paper, sprinklers and stacking games

sea turtle

Diet: Fish, shrimp, crabs and algae

Enrichment: PVC “scratchies”

White rhinoceros

Diet: Hay and grain pellets

Enrichment: Bamboo, clay, rocks and barrels

Become A Guardian


If you have any questions regarding the Animal Guardian program, please contact us at development@brevardzoo.org.