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Kickstart your dream European trip with a 4-day, 3-night visit for two to beautiful Belgium. In a country known for its medieval towns and stunning Renaissance architecture, the city of Mons sits just 35 miles south of Brussels. Spend three nights in the luxurious Van Der Valk Hotel Mons Congres, a hotel known for its comfort, numerous amenities and excellent location.

Mons is as rich in history as it is in beauty—British and German troops occupied the city during World War I and it also has ruins that date back to the ancient Romans. While you’re there, enjoy the Belfry—a World Heritage UNESCO site that offers a breathtaking view of Belgium—or venture into the home of Van Gogh. During your stay, wander into nearby Brussels, Bruges, Luxembourg or Paris!

Visit one of Belgium’s most raved-about features: the Pairi Daiza zoo. And not only visit it, but get a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the form of a behind-the-scenes VIP tour. This isn’t just any zoo. Rated the best zoo in Europe, the Pairi Daiza is world-famous and was built on the grounds of a 12th-century monastery. While you’re on this exclusive tour, visit giant pandas, white tigers, Tasmanian devils, elephants and hippos among many other fabulous animals.

This incredible package includes:

  • Three nights of accommodations at the Van Der Valk Hotel Mons Congres
  • A VIP behind-the-scenes tour of the Pairi Daiza zoo
  • $2,000 cash for airfare and/or miscellaneous expenses

Because travel dates are at your discretion anytime between May and November 2019, the winner will have the ability to craft the European adventure of their dreams. Start in Belgium, and make your way through France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy or Spain. The options are endless!

The winner will be drawn at Safari Under the Stars on April 27, 2019, though need not be present to win. Tickets are $100 apiece. With just 400 tickets to sell, your odds are amazing!