Lion Gift


Make a gift today to help create a world-class sanctuary for our three lion brothers in Expedition Africa. All contributors of $1,000 or above will receive recognition on a special donor plaque at the new habitat.

In May 2022, Brevard Zoo was delighted to take in a trio of three-year-old lion brothers from Naples Zoo. The brothers—Ruaha, Chobe and Karoo—are currently thriving in a temporary habitat within our Wild Florida loop, but it’s time to bring these boys “home” to Africa, in a habitat that will enhance our participation in the AZA‘s African Lion Species Survival Plan.

This spacious, open-air 15,150 sq. ft. habitat will feature lush vegetation, multilevel climbing platforms, coquina boulders, a temperature-controlled “chill pad,” a training wall and other features that will encourage our lions to express their full range of natural behaviors.

Illustrated lion habitat drawing with three different views of habitat

Expected to open to the public in 2024, this habitat will provide a world-class sanctuary for these magnificent cats, where they will be safe from the threats facing their counterparts in Africa, helping ensure a future for this species.

Construction has already started to update the existing Africa section, but we need your help to make the lion habitat a reality. We will recognize your gift of $1,000 or more by displaying your family’s, or your business’s name (36 characters max), on a special donor plaque at the habitat. This recognition will remain in place for the life of the habitat and no less than 25 years.

If you have any questions or would like to make your gift over the phone, please contact Morgan Miller at 321.254.9453 x 1007.


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