NOVEMBER 29, 2022

Brevard Zoo is committed to providing our three rescued Florida black bears, Cheyenne, Brody and Betty with the care that meets their complex physical, mental and social needs. With your help, we can continue to provide new and innovative opportunities for our Florida black bears to thrive in our care, with the hope of expanding our bear rescue program in the future. 

We’re so happy to have been a safe place for our now adult bears, Brody and Cheyenne, to grow up in. Now, we’re thrilled to get to watch 9-month-old Betty do the same. In addition to basic care, our animal care team provides our bears with ways to act on their natural instincts such as climbing trees, foraging for their meals, and hibernating during the winter. 

We need $25,000 to cover the cost of diets, enrichment, toys and more for Cheyenne, Brody and Betty. Can we count on your support? 


If you’re not in a position to make a financial contribution, you can still help us reach our goal by sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or creating a Facebook fundraiser. 

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