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Joyful Tributes

Joyful Tributes

Consider a donation in celebration of someone or a special achievement. A charitable gift, in homage of someone’s birthday, anniversary or graduation is at times preferable in lieu of a gift to the honoree.

Tree of Joy

The Mangrove “Tree of Joy” is a metallic sculpture created by local artist and zoo staff within the Celebration Garden similar to the Remembrance Tree, but will have its own distinct characteristics featuring various sized leaves and fish which can be engraved to commemorate joyous occasions or honor a special person (ie birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, etc).

For more information, please contact Bri Richards or call 321.254.9453 x241.


Children's Naming Path

Our recognition path is located on the boardwalk adjacent to Meerkat Hamlet and extends across the bridge into Expedition Africa. It consists of planks engraved with brick-sized rectangles that include children’s names and birth dates, and many have honored their pets here as well.

25th Monument (Limited Time)

Celebrate our first quarter century by purchasing a spot on a beautiful new monument, just outside the zoo and will be accessible for everyone to see. Guests will be able to walk through this beautiful recognition enclave and view the names of our loyal supporters. The zoo was built by 16,000 volunteers and this monument will have space for the same number of names to be engraved on its three pillars.


For more information, please contact Bri Richards or call 321.254.9453 x241.

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