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Florida black bear Cheyenne searches for sunflower seeds dispersed by a new environmental enrichment device.

Giving Our Black Bears a Unique Form of Enrichment

A new device will build on our animal care staff’s efforts and allow our bears to enjoy some extra enrichment with the opportunity to have some control over their environment as well.

A den.

Learning from Our New Bear Dens

Our animal care team wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we built dens for our two Florida black bears, Cheyenne and Brody. After a few months, we are excited to share that we have learned a lot!

Two Florida black bears stare at each other

Celebrate FebruBeary with our Florida black bears!

We’re calling this month “FebruBeary” in honor of our two Florida black bears, Brody and Cheyenne! Celebrate them with us!

Gulf Coast Box Turtle

Can You Spot the Animal Resident in This Habitat?

Walking through Wild Florida, you may miss one of the animal residents who call this loop home: Killer, the Gulf Coast box turtle.

Bald eagles Crowbar and Kane

Meet Our Bald Eagles

This Save the Eagles Day, Jan. 10, we wanted to introduce you to the two bald eagles who call our Zoo home: Kane and Crowbar.

Capone the alligator snapping turtle

New Digs for Capone the Alligator Snapping Turtle

On your next visit, see if you can spot Capone the alligator snapping turtle in his new home in Wild Florida.

Clementine the white-tailed deer

Remembering Clementine

We made the extremely difficult, but compassionate decision to euthanize one of our beloved long-term Zoo residents, Clementine the white-tailed deer.


Counting Our Thanksgiving Blessings: Gravy, Giblet, Cranberry and Green Bean Casserole

This Thanksgiving, celebrate with us by learning all about Brevard Zoo’s resident turkeys: Gravy, Giblet, Cranberry and Green Bean Casserole.