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Two coatis get to know each other.

Encouraging a More Natural Social Structure for Our Coatis

We are allowing our three younger coatis, or kits, to interact with our two older coati residents in a joint habitat in Rainforest Revealed.

Cardiologist Dr. Borde performs ultrasound on Agave the coatimundi

Checking Up on Agave

One of our young white-nosed coatis, Agave, recently received a diagnosis and treatment plan following collapsing episodes.

Katie Coati sits on one of her platforms.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to our Coati, Katie!

Happy Sweet Sixteen to Katie, one of our white-nosed coatimundis! We’re proud to note that Katie is the third oldest coatimundi (also called coati) in an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited facility.

Update: Triple Coati Cuteness

Three young coatis are settling into their new home at the Zoo.

Coati Construction Begins

Our white-nosed coatis are getting new digs!