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Fancy the Visayan warty pig

Remembering Fancy

We recently said goodbye to longtime Zoo resident Fancy the Visayan warty pig.

A Visayan warty pigs

Remembering Makina

This week, we said goodbye to another longtime Zoo resident, Makina the Visayan warty pig.

Coral reef underwater

Quarters for Conservation Is Getting a Facelift

The Zoo’s initiative that allows guests to vote on conservation projects, Quarters for Conservation, is transforming in the new year.

wrinkled hornbill

Meet the Most Endangered Species at the Zoo

Maybe one day, if we all do our part, we won’t need an Endangered Species Day. 

Keeper Sam with salmon-crested cockatoo

Meet the Keepers: Sam

This self-proclaimed “bird nerd” has a sincere admiration for all things feathered.


These Little Piggies Went to the Zoo

Though you’re probably quite familiar with this iconic farm animal, you may not know that it’s one of just 18 pig species found throughout Africa and Asia.