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Training Tails: Patience, Progress and Pigeons

Our Victoria crowned pigeons are learning how to participate in their own health care.

Training Tails: Bear Recall Behavior

Cheyenne recently mastered an impressive new behavior.


Howard’s Big Move Out West

Under a recommendation from the white rhino Species Survival Plan, Howard will soon be heading to Phoenix Zoo.

Iris target training

Target Training Iris the Snake

Eastern indigo snake Iris gets exercise for her body and her mind!

Karl the hornbill

All About Karl the Hornbill

There’s a new feathered face at the Zoo!

Sebastian and tortoise

Meet the Keepers: Sebastian

Learn how Sebastian went from selling hot dogs to training cheetahs.

Nikki and a two-toed sloth

Meet the Keepers: Nikki

Nikki’s love of primates makes her a natural fit for La Selva.

Matilda the ring-tailed lemur

Unlocking the Secrets of Lemur Cognition

Can ring-tailed lemurs assign value to objects?