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Green sea turtle is gently in place during an exam.

How to Help a Hooked Sea Turtle

Our Sea Turtle Healing Center experiences so many amazing moments, from a critical patient who recovers well from surgery to the return of a turtle back to the water. But those happy moments are accompanied by the hard times we realize we’ve done all we can for a patient. We want to share one of those times with you in the hopes it can help save another sea turtle.  

McNubbins the green sea turtle gets a photo after donating blood.

Lending a Helping Flipper to Other Sea Turtle Patients

This week, our Sea Turtle Healing Center experienced a first: One of our healthy, but unreleasable sea turtle residents was a blood donor for a critical patient at another facility.  

Hiccup the green sea turtle is held before being released

Wishing Green Sea Turtle Hiccup Bon Voyage

We wished Sea Turtle Healing Center patient Hiccup well on March 29 as we sent them back to the water following a five-month stay with us.