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Eta and Sea Turtles

Everyone in Brevard County is feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Eta, including the sea turtles that live off our coast.

Sea turtle Pumpkin

Meet the Patients: Pumpkin

Perseverance release

Sending Perseverance Home

Following a successful rehabilitation stint at our Sea Turtle Healing Center, our largest-ever sea turtle patient was released in Cocoa Beach.

Green sea turtle M&M

Meet the Patients: M&M

Juvenile green sea turtle Sting

Meet the Patients: Sting (transferred)

Green sea turtle Eddie

Meet the Patients: Eddie (deceased)

Ceres and Shooting Star Go Home!

After many months of rehabilitation, two of our patients have been released.

Loggerhead sea turtle Perseverance

Uncovering Perseverance’s History

Our 350-pound loggerhead sea turtle patient has some incredible—and extensive—history in Brevard County!