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Juvenile green turtle Snork

Meet the Patients: Snork

Green sea turtle Finn

Meet the Patients: Finn

A Second Chance for Finn

Finn is undergoing treatment after researchers found them wrapped in fishing line.

sea turtle release

Sea Turtle Rehab 101: Release

Release day is the final chapter of a sea turtle’s rehabilitation journey.

sea turtle in water

Sea Turtle Rehab 101: Treatment

It takes many months to nurse a sick or injured sea turtle back to health. How do we do it?

scrubbing sea turtle

Sea Turtle Rehab 101: Intake

Learn how our patients begin the recovery process at the Sea Turtle Healing Center.

Juvenile green turtle Molar Bear

Meet the Patients: Molar Bear (deceased)

Green sea turtle lays on towel

Meet the Patients: Trixie