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Loggerhead sea turtle Perseverance

Uncovering Perseverance’s History

Our 350-pound loggerhead sea turtle patient has some incredible—and extensive—history in Brevard County!

Green sea turtle Schnitzel

Meet the Patients: Schnitzel

Green sea turtle patient Mera

Meet the Patients: Mera

Green sea turtle Macklemore

Meet the Patients: Macklemore

Green sea turtle Suffrage

Meet the Patients: Suffrage

A leech is placed into a tube

Leech Therapy for Sea Turtles

We recently began a new-to-the-Zoo treatment on sea turtle patients that come in with fishing-line entanglement wounds.

Loggerhead sea turtle Perseverance

Meet the Patients: Perseverance

Rescuing Perseverance

A giant female loggerhead sea turtle was taken to our Healing Center after repeatedly being found struggling to nest.