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Expedition Africa: Change Is in the Air

The arrival of a new train presented the perfect opportunity to create positive change.


Howard’s Big Move Out West

Under a recommendation from the white rhino Species Survival Plan, Howard will soon be heading to Phoenix Zoo.


Monitoring Kibibi’s Health

Kibibi is undergoing treatment for issues with her digestive tract.


Statement Regarding Rhino Incident

Early yesterday afternoon, during a Rhino Encounter, a hands-on, educational experience with our white rhinos, a young guest entered the rhino yard.


Welcome to Our Crash, Frankie!

There’s a new man in town! You can see Frankie, our newest white rhino, in Expedition Africa in the upcoming weeks.


3 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Help on World Rhino Day

Sorry, you’re out of excuses.


We’re Serious About Saving Rhinos

Social media has deemed rhinos real-life unicorns, but the very feature that earns these fantastic beasts this moniker has made them a target for poachers.