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Baird's tapir Theo

Theo’s Big Move

Theo the Baird’s tapir is soon heading to a fellow AZA-accredited zoo under a Species Survival Plan recommendation.

Three women stand around a white-nosed coati about to undergo an x-ray.

Caring for our Aging Coati

Our eldest white-nosed coati, Katie, recently received gold bead implants, a type of acupuncture, to help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Cotton-top tamarin babies on the backs of their parents.

Welcoming Cotton-Top Tamarin Twins

We are excited to share that two cotton-top tamarins were born to mom Luna on January 8.

A black-handed spider monkey eats veggie noodles

A Day in the Life of our Spider Monkeys

Our black-handed spider monkey troop and their animal care team took over our social media channels today – but you can get a look at a typical day in their lives right here!

Masaya jaguar

Happy International Jaguar Day!

It’s International Jaguar Day – and there’s no better way to celebrate than by learning more about our female jaguar Masaya! You can spot Masaya in our Rainforest Revealed loop.  

Emerald Tree Boa baby wrapped around a stick

A Baby Boom at the Venom House

Brevard Zoo’s emerald tree boa Sage gave birth to eight snakelets! They are in behind-the-scenes habitats for now.

Two white-nosed coati make their way out of a secure carrier

Growing Our Coati Band

Our white-nosed coati band is growing with the arrival of two new females!

An eyelash viper curled up on a branch.

Crafting the Ideal Habitat for Our Snakes

Happy World Snake Day! Learn more about the lengths our animal care team goes through to give our snakes a home that fits their needs.