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Chica the kinkajou looks out from her nightbox.

Meet Chica the Kinkajou

Meet Chica the kinkajou, who after years in a behind-the-scenes habitat is now sharing space with our saki monkeys.

Black-handed Spider Monkey baby

Another Spider Monkey Baby Has Arrived!

Our black-handed spider monkey troop has a new member – although this one doesn’t have any markings reminiscent of any comic book heroes like our last spider monkey infant.  

J the black-handed spider monkey lifts up his leg, which is encased in a brace.

Have You Spotted J the Spider Monkey’s New Footwear?

You might spot a brace on one of our black-handed spider monkey’s feet occasionally. J is getting used to his new brace, which will hopefully correct his gait.

How to Water a Snake

Have you ever wondered how snakes drink water? Learn how Brevard Zoo keeps our snakes hydrated with these unique methods!

A king vulture chick

A New King at Our Zoo

A king vulture chick hatched to parents 33-year-old Junior and 17-year-old Princess recently! The parents appear to be attentive and protective over the chick, whose gender won’t be known until their first exam in a few months.

Two coatis get to know each other.

Encouraging a More Natural Social Structure for Our Coatis

We are allowing our three younger coatis, or kits, to interact with our two older coati residents in a joint habitat in Rainforest Revealed.

Katie Coati sits on one of her platforms.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to our Coati, Katie!

Happy Sweet Sixteen to Katie, one of our white-nosed coatimundis! We’re proud to note that Katie is the third oldest coatimundi (also called coati) in an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited facility.

Mulac the jaguar

Remembering Mulac

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our jaguar Mulac. At nearly 21 years old, he had far surpassed the median life expectancy for his species in both human care and in their natural range.