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Golfoducean poison dart frog

Rainforest Revealed: Meet the Golfodulcean Poison Dart Frog

Over a dozen Golfodulcean poison dart frogs have arrived and will soon join eyelash vipers, Baron’s racers and more in Rainforest Revealed!

Antonio the Baird's tapir

Rainforest Revealed: Say Hello to Antonio the Tapir

Three-year-old Baird’s tapir Antonio has arrived and is almost ready to meet future mate Mia in their Rainforest Revealed home!

eyelash viper 1

Rainforest Revealed: Introducing the Eyelash Viper

Meet the eyelash viper, a striking venomous snake that you’ll be able to get an up-close look at when Rainforest Reveals opens!

Baron's racer

Rainforest Revealed: Our First Snakes Have Arrived

When it opens later this year, Rainforest Revealed will feature lots of new snake species—including the venomous Baron’s racer!


Rainforest Revealed: Meet Mia the Tapir

Mamma Mia—she’s a cutie!


Rainforest Revealed: Meet Boris and Mango

Watch them take flight later this year!

Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula

Taking in Tiny Tarantulas

Earlier this month, we took in eight baby tarantulas that had been confiscated from an importer!

Capybara in habitat

Welcome Our First New Rainforest Revealed Resident

We have a new face at the Zoo, and she will call Rainforest Revealed home when renovations are complete later this year.