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A black howler monkey sits on vines.

Remembering Stormy

We’re sorry to share that we made the difficult decision to euthanize the leader of our black howler monkey troop, 19-year-old Stormy, due to advanced kidney failure.   

Rainforest Revealed keepers train our troop of spider monkeys

National Zookeeper Week: Rainforest Revealed Team

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on the incredible animal care staff at Brevard Zoo. Read on to learn about our Rainforest Revealed team!

Baird's tapir Antonio's new custom shoes

Antonio’s Custom Shoes

Six-year-old Baird’s tapir Antonio is back on the mend thanks to the watchful eye and hard work of our animal care staff.

Baby howler monkey

Our Newest Howler Monkey

Fourteen-year-old howler monkey Baya gave birth overnight on April 30 to a healthy baby.

Golden-headed lion tamarin

Meet the Animals: Golden-Headed Lion Tamarins

Meet our 12-year-old golden-headed lion tamarins siblings, Brissa and Eduardo.

A capuchin

Adding a New Primate Species to Rainforest Revealed

A new primate species will soon be adventuring through our Rainforest Revealed sky pathways! Three female white-throated capuchins now call this loop home.

Baird's tapir Theo

Theo’s Big Move

Theo the Baird’s tapir is soon heading to a fellow AZA-accredited zoo under a Species Survival Plan recommendation.

Three women stand around a white-nosed coati about to undergo an x-ray.

Caring for our Aging Coati

Our eldest white-nosed coati, Katie, recently received gold bead implants, a type of acupuncture, to help relieve symptoms of arthritis.