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Flighted Macaws Flock to Rainforest Revealed

Meet Poppi, Petunia and Fig!


Rainforest Revealed: Help Us Name Our Arapaimas!

We need your vote! Pick your favorite pair of names for two of our newest residents.

fulvous whistling ducks

Rainforest Revealed: New Ducks and Turtles Move In

Twelve animals are exploring their spacious new digs!

scarlet ibis

Rainforest Revealed: Experience the Aviary

Ibis, spoonbills and geese are stretching their wings in their spacious new home.

giant otter

Rainforest Revealed: Opening Day Is Almost Here!

Are you ready to see giant otters, venomous snakes and other amazing rainforest animals?

red-bellied pacu

Rainforest Revealed: Something Fishy Is Going On…

A dozen fish are settling in, and many more are on the way!

otter crate ii

Rainforest Revealed: The Giant Otters Have Arrived!

How do you get a pair of giant otters from California to Florida? With a lot of careful planning!

Golfoducean poison dart frog

Rainforest Revealed: Meet the Golfodulcean Poison Dart Frog

Over a dozen Golfodulcean poison dart frogs have arrived and will soon join eyelash vipers, Baron’s racers and more in Rainforest Revealed!