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Remembering Casper

We are heartbroken to share that the tough, but compassionate decision was made to euthanize our longtime Barnyard resident, Casper the alpaca, after his quality of life recently took a significant downturn. 

A Nigerian dwarf goat getting pet

New Kids in the Barn

Four young female Nigerian dwarf goats are the newest members of The Barnyard!

Capone the alligator snapping turtle swimming around his habitat

HOW old is that turtle?

If the turtle you spot in our Zoo looks particularly good for their age, well, they just might be doing pretty well for their age too! 

Carletta the alpaca stands in the Barnyard

Remembering Carletta

We recently said goodbye to Carletta the alpaca, one of the longtime residents of our Barnyard area. She will be missed.

A hermit crab in Brevard Zoo's oyster reef tank.

Find the Inhabitants of This Tank!

You may have noticed a new “look” to our previous Touch Tank in our Paws On area. The habitat has been transformed into an oyster reef tank ideal for your own scavenger hunt as you carefully search for its inhabitants! 

Lilly and Violet the Nubian goats enjoy a birthday treat together.

Wishing Our Goats Well

We’ll be wishing our two Nubian goats, Lilly and Violet, well as they move to a home that better fits their needs. The duo will be moving this upcoming week.  

Goat Clarabelle

Remembering Clarabelle

It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of 13-year-old goat, Clarabelle.