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Shuck and Share

Four Years of Shuck and Share

We’re celebrating four years since taking our Shuck and Share program in-house! Over those years, we’ve accomplished a lot as part of this program to collect oyster shell from local restaurants to be used in restoration projects.

A gabion

Seeing Early Success in Plastic-free Oyster Restoration Material

Our Restore Our Shores team has seen some early success in using a plastic-free material called a gabion in our oyster restoration projects.

ROS staff building oyster reef

Conservation Continues: Completing Our Largest Living Shoreline

Our Restore Our Shores team recently finished their largest living shoreline to date—adding almost 1,000 feet of oyster reefs and vegetation to the lagoon!

Restore Our Shores team building an oyster reef in the lagoon

Oysters—Oh, Shucks!

Oysters are more than just a tasty appetizer—they’re essential to maintaining healthy aquatic ecosystems in the Indian River Lagoon and beyond.