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Lemurs Matilda and Kamots on lemur island

Retirement Homes for Our Animals

In an effort to provide lifelong care for Zoo animals, we’ve created custom “retirement homes” for some of our geriatric individuals.

Pepper the cheetah

Understanding Life Expectancy

Our team conducts quality of life assessments anytime an animal has an injury or illness; or when they reach 80 percent of their lifespan. Illnesses and injuries are easy to define, but how do we know when an animal has reached that 80 percent mark? 

Katie Coati sits on one of her platforms.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to our Coati, Katie!

Happy Sweet Sixteen to Katie, one of our white-nosed coatimundis! We’re proud to note that Katie is the third oldest coatimundi (also called coati) in an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited facility.

Giraffe Rafiki

Compassionate Care For Our Older Residents

When Zoo residents grow older, our animal care team steps up in a big way to ensure they receive the most compassionate care.