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Java Moves in With Dad

This father-son pair hit it off immediately!

Meru tusk trim

Meru’s Tusk Trim

When one of Meru’s tusks needed some special attention, our animal care team sprang into action.


Cute Alert: A Recap of Our 2018 Babies

Take a look back at our cutest moments of 2018.

palm oil

What’s in Your Candy?: The Palm Oil Crisis

Palm oil is a common household ingredient that threatens the habitats of animals like babirusas, orangutans and tigers.

Babirusa piglet

Our First Babirusa Piglet Is Here!

On Saturday, August 4, two-year-old Piggy delivered Java, the first north Sulawesi babirusa ever born at the Zoo!


These Little Piggies Went to the Zoo

Though you’re probably quite familiar with this iconic farm animal, you may not know that it’s one of just 18 pig species found throughout Africa and Asia.