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Jenny and Caspet

Celebrating All of Our Keepers

This National Zookeeper Week, we’re highlighting some of our incredible keepers who are fostering diversity in their community.

Zookeeper Alyssa with macaws

National Zookeeper Week: Chasing a Childhood Dream

Alyssa always knew she wanted to work with animals. She’s realizing that goal as a Wild Florida keeper!

Zookeeper Julie with deer

Meet the Keepers: Julie

Julie wants your Zoo visit to be more than just fun—you should learn some things, too!

Keeper Patrick with terrapin

Meet the Keepers: Patrick

There’s something fishy about this keeper!

Keeper Ben with white-faced saki monkeys

Meet the Keepers: Ben

Ben is dedicated to making La Selva’s habitats as dynamic and enriching as possible.

Keeper Logan holding snake

Meet the Keepers: Logan

Logan is responsible for getting people excited about reptiles and other misunderstood creatures. It’s not an easy job, but he’s certainly up for the task.

Keeper Sam with salmon-crested cockatoo

Meet the Keepers: Sam

This self-proclaimed “bird nerd” has a sincere admiration for all things feathered.

Keeper Tiffany with marabou stork

Meet the Keepers: Tiffany

Tiffany’s love for each individual animal shines through in her work.