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A red kangaroo

Meet our Newest Kangaroo

A new breeding male kangaroo named Dr. Roolittle has joined our mob!

Victoria crowned pigeon

Meet the Animals: Victoria Crowned Pigeons

Meet our Victoria crowned pigeons: Pidgey and Pidgeot. Learn all about these majestic birds and their lives at the Zoo!

Black swans Ringo and Tinker

An Update on Our Black Swans

We’ve welcomed our two black swans back to their regular pond habitat along the bridge to our Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond area. While we’re happy the duo is back out, we’re sad to share that our 18-year-old male swan Ringo was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

A Visayan warty pigs

Remembering Makina

This week, we said goodbye to another longtime Zoo resident, Makina the Visayan warty pig.

Capone the alligator snapping turtle swimming around his habitat

HOW old is that turtle?

If the turtle you spot in our Zoo looks particularly good for their age, well, they just might be doing pretty well for their age too! 

Our Bird Experiences Are Closed for Now

To protect our bird family, our bird experiences are closed for the time being after we received news that several cases of avian influenza (HPAI) were found in Brevard County.  

Daryll the emu

Meet Daryll the Emu

Twenty-nine-year-old emu Daryll joins Brevard Zoo as the newest resident of the Kangaroo Walkabout in Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond.