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A sedated ring-tailed lemur receives gold bead acupuncture.

Providing Gold Bead Acupuncture to Aging Animals

Two of our older animal residents recently received gold bead implants, a permanent type of acupuncture, as our animal care team works to help them age comfortably with us.  

A side profile of a red kangaroo

Welcoming a New Joey to the Kangaroo Mob

We have some hoppy news from our Kangaroo Walkabout: Lilly the red kangaroo has a joey in her pouch!

Zookeeper with mother babirusa and two babies

National Zookeeper Week: Lands of Change Team

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on the incredible animal care staff at Brevard Zoo. Read on to learn about our Lands of Change team!

Fancy the Visayan warty pig

Remembering Fancy

We recently said goodbye to longtime Zoo resident Fancy the Visayan warty pig.

Harriet the muntjac

Meet Harriet the Muntjac

We recently welcomed 12-year-old muntjac Harriet to the Kangaroo Walkabout in our Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond section of the Zoo.

Kristen Gagnon area supervisor of Lands of Change

Celebrating Women in Science: Kristen Gagnon, Lands of Change Area Supervisor

This International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we wanted to introduce you to a few of our Zoo team members and get their insights on their fields. Meet Kristen Gagnon, our Zoo’s Lands of Change Area Supervisor!

A red kangaroo

Meet our Newest Kangaroo

A new breeding male kangaroo named Dr. Roolittle has joined our mob!

Victoria crowned pigeon

Meet the Animals: Victoria Crowned Pigeons

Meet our Victoria crowned pigeons: Pidgey and Pidgeot. Learn all about these majestic birds and their lives at the Zoo!