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A Nigerian dwarf goat getting pet

New Kids in the Barn

Four young female Nigerian dwarf goats are the newest members of The Barnyard!

Lilly and Violet the Nubian goats enjoy a birthday treat together.

Wishing Our Goats Well

We’ll be wishing our two Nubian goats, Lilly and Violet, well as they move to a home that better fits their needs. The duo will be moving this upcoming week.  

Goat Clarabelle

Remembering Clarabelle

It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of 13-year-old goat, Clarabelle.


The Barnyard’s Residents Get a Say in Their Day

“The Barnyard” has undergone more than a name change. The new layout reflects the Zoo’s commitment to animal wellness by encouraging Barnyard residents to choose how they’d like to spend their day.


How Today’s Domestic Goat Came to Be

Our herd of goats in the Paws On petting zone all come from one type of animal: the bezoar ibex! How did this happen?

goat lilly

A Tale of Four Lillys

The most popular name at the Zoo belongs to both furry and scaly creatures!

Zookeeper Em and animal tattoo

Zoo Tattoos: Em

If you know Em, you won’t be surprised to learn that a good portion of her body is devoted to the creatures she’s known and loved.

Lilly the Nubian goat

Baby Goats: We’re Not Kidding

Two Nubian goat kids have joined our Zoo family! Meet Violet and Lilly and learn when and where you can meet them.