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Catching up With Rafiki

What is the big guy up to these days?

Mother giraffe with calf

Our Giraffe Tower Is Growing!

It’s another boy—the sixth consecutive male giraffe born at the Zoo!

Farrier trimming Iggy the zebra's hoof

Enhancing Wellness One Hoof at a Time

Farrier Steve Foxworth paid the Zoo a visit to help our staff improve their hoof-trimming techniques.

Two elephants

Q4C Spotlight: Elephant Connection Research Project

Learn more about the work that Q4C project Elephant Connection Research Project does to help save diminishing giraffe and elephant populations!

Milenna with calf

A Bittersweet Announcement

A male giraffe was born at the Zoo on September 27.


Remembering T-Bone

Late last week, beloved Masai giraffe T-Bone succumbed to an infection.


“Meet” Our Fall 2019 Quarters for Conservation Projects

Our leaves may not change in the fall, but our Quarters for Conservation projects do! For the next three months, cast your vote for reconnecting elephants and giraffe, protecting okapis’ homes or increasing the population of black rhinos.

Snares to Wares elephant piece

Snares to Wares: Artwork That Makes a Roar

Purchase one-of-a-kind art pieces that protect Ugandan wildlife!