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Two bongos touch heads

Expanding Our Eastern Bongo Herd

We’ve welcomed a new bongo to our herd – and we’re not talking about the calf!

An Eastern bongo calf is cleaned by her mom

Another Bouncing Baby Bongo

Clover the Eastern bongo gave birth to a female calf on October 10. They, along with our other bongos, can be seen from our train.

Kirabo meerkat

Remembering Kirabo

We’re sorry to share that we recently made the compassionate and difficult decision to euthanize our dominant male meerkat, Kirabo.

A keeper holds a cake made of rye crackers to Rafiki the giraffe

Happy Birthday, Rafiki!

Rafiki the Masai giraffe is turning 24 years old! He is one of the best-known animal residents at Brevard Zoo.

An impala calf lays near some bushes.

An Impala Baby Boom

Our impala herd is having its own baby boom! Four impala calves were born over the last few weeks, and they are now in our giraffe veldt!

Grévy's zebra Iggy's foal

Another Zebra Baby is Here!

Eleven-year-old Grévy’s zebra Iggy gave birth in the early hours of June 30! The foal is a male, appears healthy and weighs about 84 pounds.

Grevy's zebra Lauren and her foal stand together in their holding area

Welcoming Our First-Ever Baby Zebra

Brevard Zoo is thrilled to share that our first-ever baby zebra is here! Grévy’s zebra Lauren gave birth in the early morning of June 1.

Johari the giraffe

Remembering Johari: An Update

We’d like to thank our Zoo community for their kind words and condolences after the unexpected death of our giraffe matriarch Johari in January. As promised in our initial blogpost, we’d like to share the findings from the necropsy report of our giraffe Johari.