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An eastern bongo calf lays on the ground.

Welcoming a New Baby Eastern Bongo

In another win for a critically endangered species, our female Eastern bongo Clover gave birth to another calf on August 25!

Two bongos touch heads

Expanding Our Eastern Bongo Herd

We’ve welcomed a new bongo to our herd – and we’re not talking about the calf!

An Eastern bongo calf is cleaned by her mom

Another Bouncing Baby Bongo

Clover the Eastern bongo gave birth to a female calf on October 10. They, along with our other bongos, can be seen from our train.

Eastern bongo Ginger

Endangered Species at the Zoo

This Endangered Species Day, we are taking a closer look at some of the threatened species that call Brevard Zoo home.

Eastern bongo calf

Conservation Success Story: A Bouncing Baby Bongo

Keepers are calling the newest Brevard Zoo baby especially cute—and it’s easy to see why.