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This Baby Sloth Will Crawl Right into Your Heart

Our first-ever baby sloth has been born, and they are cute as can be!

How to Go Green in Your Cleaning Routine

Cleaning products are everywhere in our daily lives, but many of the conventional cleaning products that we grew up using can hurt the environment.

Say “Thanks” to the Earth This Thanksgiving by Going Green

This Thanksgiving, you can help the environment by using sustainable practices to reduce waste.

Oh, Baby! We Have a New Giraffe Calf

We welcomed our newest Zoo member when giraffe Johari gave birth to a male calf on October 19.

Bat Appreciation Month Is in Full Swing

This month, we’re celebrating bats with some fun facts about these mysterious creatures of the night.

Welcome to Our Crash, Frankie!

There’s a new man in town! You can see Frankie, our newest white rhino, in Expedition Africa in the upcoming weeks.

What’s in Your Candy?: The Palm Oil Crisis

Palm oil is a common household ingredient that threatens the habitats of animals like babirusas, orangutans and tigers.

“Washbacks” Have a Safe Place to Stay

Our Sea Turtle Healing Center is taking care of nearly 300 baby sea turtles who washed up on the beach due to Hurricane Leslie.



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