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ROS staff building oyster reef

Conservation Continues: Completing Our Largest Living Shoreline

Our Restore Our Shores team recently finished their largest living shoreline to date—adding almost 1,000 feet of oyster reefs and vegetation to the lagoon!

Zoo Teens with sea oats

Zoo Teens in the Field: Planting Sea Oats

Zoo Teens Alex and Jessie are turning their ideas into reality one sea oat at a time!

Palm warbler

Brewing up Conservation for World Migratory Bird Day

Happy World Migratory Bird Day! Learn how making a simple switch in your morning routine can help our feathered friends.


Celebrating the Inaugural International Flamingo Day

Happy International Flamingo Day! Celebrate with us by learning a little more about these unique pink creatures.

Aruba island rattlesnake

Aruba Island Rattlesnakes Slither Into the Zoo

A pair of critically endangered Aruba island rattlesnakes have made their way to the Zoo.

Net removal

An Update from the Field: Reef Check Malaysia

One of our 2020 Quarters for Conservation partners, Reef Check Malaysia, is doing great work to manage coral reefs!

An Update from the Field: Iyondji Community Bonobo Reserve

Last year, we sent funding to help bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the organization we donated to recently updated us on all of the great work they’re doing!

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