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Florida pine snake at Brevard Zoo

Snakes Deserve Our Fascination, Not Fear

There are many more reasons to celebrate snakes than there are to fear them.

“Meet” Our Summer 2018 Quarters for Conservation Projects!

For the next three months, your vote will support a conservation project helping African mammals.

Doing the Right Thing for Peacemaker

Today we euthanized Peacemaker, one of our four bald eagles.

Skipper Is Going Home!

Skipper is making her way back to sea!

World Oceans Day: Celebrate the Sea

There’s something majestic about the deep blue sea. This World Oceans Day, commit to a simple change and make a difference.

Just Another Day in Parrot-dise

Parrots are perhaps the world’s most recognized and beloved birds. From cockatiels to conures, you’ll find roughly 400 parrot species across five continents.

What in the World is a Catio?

Here’s how to give your feline friend the experience of being outdoors while keeping wildlife safe.

Our First Stingray Pups!

We’re celebrating the arrival of our first-ever stingray pups, born to Belle on Tuesday. Meet Dallas and Clementine!



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