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Snares to Wares: Artwork That Makes a Roar

Purchase one-of-a-kind art pieces that protect Ugandan wildlife!

How You Helped Save Bo and Bella

By visiting the Zoo and participating in our Quarters for Conservation initiative, you helped give chimpanzees Bo and Bella a second lease on life.

A Radical Transformation Is Underway in La Selva

Using the latest science, conducted both at animal care facilities and in the wild, Rainforest Revealed will change the face of the Zoo as you know it.

Buying Buttons for Turtles

By purchasing collectible animal buttons around the Zoo, you can help make a difference in the lives of animals like the Indian flapshell turtle.

What Are Those Cranes up To?

Have you spotted sandhill cranes pairing up recently? As they approach breeding season, these long-legged birds will begin searching for a mate!

“Meet” Our Winter 2019 Quarters for Conservation Projects

For the next three months, your vote will support a cause of your choice: building a home for bats, aiding local Florida wildlife or educating communities about otters.

Some of Our Volunteers Have Unusual Assignments

Our volunteers are integral to the daily operations of the Zoo and some of them have more unusual tasks than others.

This Baby Sloth Will Crawl Right into Your Heart

Our first-ever baby sloth has been born, and they are cute as can be!