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A black-handed spider monkey eats veggie noodles

A Day in the Life of our Spider Monkeys

Our black-handed spider monkey troop and their animal care team took over our social media channels today – but you can get a look at a typical day in their lives right here!

The Zoo’s Best Animal Dads

Our animal fathers may not tell dad jokes, but we think they’re pretty awesome anyways! This Father’s Day, we wanted to give you a look at some of our favorite animal dads within the Zoo.

Black-handed Spider Monkey baby

Another Spider Monkey Baby Has Arrived!

Our black-handed spider monkey troop has a new member – although this one doesn’t have any markings reminiscent of any comic book heroes like our last spider monkey infant.  

J the black-handed spider monkey lifts up his leg, which is encased in a brace.

Have You Spotted J the Spider Monkey’s New Footwear?

You might spot a brace on one of our black-handed spider monkey’s feet occasionally. J is getting used to his new brace, which will hopefully correct his gait.

Meet the Newest Member of Our Troop

We’re excited to welcome a newborn spider monkey to our troop!

Spider monkey J

Saving J: A Confiscated Spider Monkey Story

A new spider monkey is settling into our troop after being confiscated at the United States-Mexico border.

Spider Monkey Saga: Baby Steps

Learn about the progress we’ve made with this special little guy.

A Spider Monkey Saga

A confiscated spider monkey has made his way from Dallas to Melbourne.