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A Year With Brody

Brody has been on quite a journey.

Training Tails: Bear Recall Behavior

Cheyenne recently mastered an impressive new behavior.

Checking in on Brody’s Hips

It has been a month since Brody’s hip surgery. How is he doing?

Inside Brody’s Surgery

Last week, Brody became the first-ever bear to undergo this corrective surgery.

Brody with stuffed animals

The Science of Play

“Playtime” is not only super cute, but also great for animals!

Florida black bear cub with teddy bear

Caring for an Orphaned Bear Cub

Found alone in Ocala National Forest, this Florida black bear cub is being hand-raised right here at the Zoo.

bear in habitat

The Bear Is Out and About!

Learn about the past, present and future of Florida black bears—and how you can keep them safe by being “bear aware.”

Florida black bear

When Can I See the Bear?

She’s (almost) ready to meet you!