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Lauren with Brody

The Truth About “the Best Job in the World”

Taking care of young critters may look like a fun-filled job, but lots of knowledge and hard work is needed to raise an animal from birth.

Florida black bear cub with teddy bear

Caring for an Orphaned Bear Cub

Found alone in Ocala National Forest, this Florida black bear cub is being hand-raised right here at the Zoo.

Joel Sartore with monitor

Acclaimed Photographer Joel Sartore Visits the Zoo

Joel Sartore of National Geographic Photo Ark stopped by to capture portraits of six species.


Paying Tribute to Mama

On Monday, we made the compassionate decision to euthanize our older female red wolf due to a decline in quality of life.

bear in habitat

The Bear Is Out and About!

Learn about the past, present and future of Florida black bears—and how you can keep them safe by being “bear aware.”

Florida black bear

When Can I See the Bear?

She’s (almost) ready to meet you!


Building for Bears: Turning Research into Reality

A lot of science went into designing the perfect home for rescued bears.

bear 2

Where Your #GivingZOOday Contribution Will Go

For this year’s #GivingZOOday, all donations will go toward enrichment items for our Florida black bear. You’ll be able to see these items in action when the bear habitat opens in early 2019!