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Florida grasshopper sparrow chick at exam

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Chicks Are Here!

We are happy to share that our first-ever Florida grasshopper sparrow chicks have hatched at the Zoo.

Meet the Newest Member of Our Troop

We’re excited to welcome a newborn spider monkey to our troop!

A king vulture chick

A New King at Our Zoo

A king vulture chick hatched to parents 33-year-old Junior and 17-year-old Princess recently! The parents appear to be attentive and protective over the chick, whose gender won’t be known until their first exam in a few months.

Grasshopper sparrow

Breeding the Country’s Most Endangered Bird

We are entering our first-ever breeding season for the United States’ most endangered bird: the Florida grasshopper sparrow.

A new Perdido Key beach mouse at Brevard Zoo.

Welcoming a New Generation of Endangered Beach Mice | Part II

A new generation of Perdido Key beach mice were born recently at Brevard Zoo! These mice safeguard against any population decreases in the mice on Perdido Key.

A Perdido Key beach mouse peeks out from a log.

Helping Endangered Beach Mice Meet their Match | Part I

The Brevard Zoo is one of three Florida zoos that have taken on breeding the critically endangered Perdido Key beach mouse. Follow along as we work with our latest group of mice.

Cotton-top tamarin

Conservation Success Story: Cotton-Top Tamarins Become First-Time Parents

Brevard Zoo’s cotton-top tamarins, Luna and Cricket, are now first-time parents to not one, not two, but three newborns!

Tapir calf

Meet Our Baby Tapir

We recently welcomed a baby Baird’s tapir, born to first-time mom Mia.