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White-tailed deer

Welcoming A White-Tailed Deer Fawn

Brevard Zoo recently welcome white-tailed deer fawn Plum to our Wild Florida loop! Plum can’t be released back to her natural habitat.

Two white-nosed coati make their way out of a secure carrier

Growing Our Coati Band

Our white-nosed coati band is growing with the arrival of two new females!

A Nigerian dwarf goat getting pet

New Kids in the Barn

Four young female Nigerian dwarf goats are the newest members of The Barnyard!

An impala calf lays near some bushes.

An Impala Baby Boom

Our impala herd is having its own baby boom! Four impala calves were born over the last few weeks, and they are now in our giraffe veldt!

Grévy's zebra Iggy's foal

Another Zebra Baby is Here!

Eleven-year-old Grévy’s zebra Iggy gave birth in the early hours of June 30! The foal is a male, appears healthy and weighs about 84 pounds.

Black-handed Spider Monkey baby

Another Spider Monkey Baby Has Arrived!

Our black-handed spider monkey troop has a new member – although this one doesn’t have any markings reminiscent of any comic book heroes like our last spider monkey infant.  

Grevy's zebra Lauren and her foal stand together in their holding area

Welcoming Our First-Ever Baby Zebra

Brevard Zoo is thrilled to share that our first-ever baby zebra is here! Grévy’s zebra Lauren gave birth in the early morning of June 1.

Babirusa piglets in behind-the-scenes barn

A Double Dose of Cuteness

We are excited to share that two baby babirusa piglets were born to Piggy recently!