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An eastern bongo calf lays on the ground.

Welcoming a New Baby Eastern Bongo

In another win for a critically endangered species, our female Eastern bongo Clover gave birth to another calf on August 25!

A Florida black bear cub.

Caring for Florida Black Bear Cubs

We’ve started providing temporary medical and nutritional care to Florida black bear cubs in need in an effort to help them on their rehabilitation journey with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  

A side profile of a red kangaroo

Welcoming a New Joey to the Kangaroo Mob

We have some hoppy news from our Kangaroo Walkabout: Lilly the red kangaroo has a joey in her pouch!

Baby zebra

Welcoming Our Newest Baby Zebra

We are happy to share that our third zebra foal was born to mom Zonka at the Zoo on May 26!

Baby howler monkey

Our Newest Howler Monkey

Fourteen-year-old howler monkey Baya gave birth overnight on April 30 to a healthy baby.

Florida grasshopper sparrow chick

Our First Grasshopper Sparrow Chicks of the Season Have Arrived

Our first Florida grasshopper sparrow chicks of the season have hatched to parents Peg and Eddie.

An Eastern bongo calf is cleaned by her mom

Another Bouncing Baby Bongo

Clover the Eastern bongo gave birth to a female calf on October 10. They, along with our other bongos, can be seen from our train.

Osceola turkey chick

Help Name Our Turkey Chicks!

Join our “potluck” and bring your best casserole-inspired named for our three Osceola turkey chicks!