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An Eastern bongo calf is cleaned by her mom

Another Bouncing Baby Bongo

Clover the Eastern bongo gave birth to a female calf on October 10. They, along with our other bongos, can be seen from our train.

Osceola turkey chick

Help Name Our Turkey Chicks!

Join our “potluck” and bring your best casserole-inspired named for our three Osceola turkey chicks!

A baby sea turtle is held up

Caring for Baby Sea Turtles After Hurricane Ian

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, more than 200 baby sea turtles were brought to our Sea Turtle Healing Center for care.

Emerald Tree Boa baby wrapped around a stick

A Baby Boom at the Venom House

Brevard Zoo’s emerald tree boa Sage gave birth to eight snakelets! They are in behind-the-scenes habitats for now.

Three Osceola turkey chicks

Welcoming Baby Turkeys

Our turkey flock has expanded with the addition of three chicks born to mom Giblet last week.

Chilean flamingo chick stands in their nest with a parent nearby

Growing Our Flamingo Flamboyance

A chick has hatched to our flock of Chilean flamingos! As we celebrate this moment, our animal care team is reflecting on the reasons behind this success – and making plans to take the lessons learned to guide the care of our flock in the future.

Baya howler monkey holds her baby close on her chest.

Meet Our First Howler Monkey Baby!

Our first-ever black howler monkey has been born to mom Baya and dad Stormy.

A Florida black bear cub

Caring for Another Orphaned Bear Cub

Brevard Zoo is now home to an orphaned female bear cub! She will be moved to our Wild Florida loop in the near future.