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flock of flamingos

Welcoming Our Flamingos Back

Our Chilean flamingo flock is back in their main habitat! We know you’ve missed seeing them since they were housed in their night house to protect them from a particularly rampant bout of avian flu.

Southern ground hornbill

Keeping Our Birds Safe Through Avian Flu

We wanted to give you an update on avian flu and how it’s affecting our bird residents – and what you might see around the Zoo.

Chilean flamingo chick stands in their nest with a parent nearby

Growing Our Flamingo Flamboyance

A chick has hatched to our flock of Chilean flamingos! As we celebrate this moment, our animal care team is reflecting on the reasons behind this success – and making plans to take the lessons learned to guide the care of our flock in the future.

Macaw in quarantine with enrichment

Caring for Our Birds in Quarantine

While many of our bird species are in quarantine for their safety, our animal care staff have taken on many extra duties and assignments in order to provide the best possible care for our bird family.

Our Bird Experiences Are Closed for Now

To protect our bird family, our bird experiences are closed for the time being after we received news that several cases of avian influenza (HPAI) were found in Brevard County.