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Two men inspect a bee hive.

Tending To Our Hives

This National Honey Bee Day, we’re taking a look inside the beehives at Brevard Zoo.

Cheetah Pepper explores her new habitat.

Pepper’s New Digs

Cheetah Pepper is settling into her new habitat in Rainforest Revealed.

Lion sitting on perch looking at camera

Checking In With Our Lions

This World Lion Day, we’re checking in with our trio of majestic felines!

A keeper holds a cake made of rye crackers to Rafiki the giraffe

Happy Birthday, Rafiki!

Rafiki the Masai giraffe is turning 24 years old! He is one of the best-known animal residents at Brevard Zoo.

An eyelash viper curled up on a branch.

Crafting the Ideal Habitat for Our Snakes

Happy World Snake Day! Learn more about the lengths our animal care team goes through to give our snakes a home that fits their needs.

Capone the alligator snapping turtle swimming around his habitat

HOW old is that turtle?

If the turtle you spot in our Zoo looks particularly good for their age, well, they just might be doing pretty well for their age too! 


Changes to our Meerkat Mob

We’re saying ‘so long’ to some of our meerkats over the next few months as they leave for new homes and we prepare for baby meerkats.

A crocodile in the water

Keeping Our Animal Residents Safe During a Hurricane

Everyone in Brevard County, from residents to our Zoo staff, needs to be prepared for the possibility of a hurricane by the start of hurricane season! Read on to learn what we do to prepare before, during and after the storm.