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A capuchin

Adding a New Primate Species to Rainforest Revealed

A new primate species will soon be adventuring through our Rainforest Revealed sky pathways! Three female white-throated capuchins now call this loop home.

Harriet the muntjac

Meet Harriet the Muntjac

We recently welcomed 12-year-old muntjac Harriet to the Kangaroo Walkabout in our Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond section of the Zoo.

A grinder is used on a Grevy's zebra hoof.

Hooves to Nose Checkup for Grévy’s Zebra Bakari

Our Grevy’s zebra stallion Bakari got a full work-up recently from nose to hooves – so to speak! The 10-year-old received a dental exam along with a hoof trim while sedated.

A bobcat profile

Welcoming a New Bobcat to Wild Florida

A new bobcat is now calling Wild Florida home! Abby recently joined our Zoo from another facility accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Three women stand around a white-nosed coati about to undergo an x-ray.

Caring for our Aging Coati

Our eldest white-nosed coati, Katie, recently received gold bead implants, a type of acupuncture, to help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

A fish lays on its side on bubble wrap before surgery.

Performing Surgery on a Fish

Have you ever wondered how fish undergo surgery? One of our pinfish needed to have their eye removed recently.

Giant anteater eating avocado

Counting Down to 2023 with Zooperlatives

Thank you for joining us as we’ve counted down to the new year with Zooperlatives. We can’t wait to see you in 2023! 

Masaya jaguar

Happy International Jaguar Day!

It’s International Jaguar Day – and there’s no better way to celebrate than by learning more about our female jaguar Masaya! You can spot Masaya in our Rainforest Revealed loop.