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Monitoring Kibibi’s Health

Kibibi is undergoing treatment for issues with her digestive tract.

Stingray pup gets an ultrasound.

A Checkup for Our Newest Pup!

It was time for an exam for our newest bundle of joy, a southern stingray pup!

Meru tusk trim

Meru’s Tusk Trim

When one of Meru’s tusks needed some special attention, our animal care team sprang into action.

Pepper unconscious

Inside Pepper’s Exam

Take a peek at our geriatric cheetah’s wellness checkup.

Grevy's Zebra

How We’re Contributing to Global Species Knowledge

Through a network called Species360, we are contributing data from our animals to protect biodiversity all over the world!

Remembering Sha-Sha

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Sha-Sha the Komodo dragon.


Paying Tribute to Mama

On Monday, we made the compassionate decision to euthanize our older female red wolf due to a decline in quality of life.

Multiple crocodile eggs

Hatching a Plan for Baby Crocodiles

A new training plan has allowed us to collect American crocodile eggs with the hope of successfully hatching baby crocodiles.