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“Is That Bird Okay?”

Yep—just catching some rays!

Catching up With Rafiki

What is the big guy up to these days?

Brody with stuffed animals

The Science of Play

“Playtime” is not only super cute, but also great for animals!

Lauren with Brody

The Truth About “the Best Job in the World”

Taking care of young critters may look like a fun-filled job, but lots of knowledge and hard work is needed to raise an animal from birth.

Florida black bear cub with teddy bear

Caring for an Orphaned Bear Cub

Found alone in Ocala National Forest, this Florida black bear cub is being hand-raised right here at the Zoo.

Java Moves in With Dad

This father-son pair hit it off immediately!

Is Love in the Air for Romeo and Juliet?

At the end of the month, our pair of southern cassowaries will be introduced for a shot at romance!


“Where Are the Elephants?”

…and the penguins and the tigers?