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Filtering Fun: What It Takes to Operate Our Aquariums

If you’ve visited our Paws On area, you’ve probably seen our aquariums, but do you know what it takes to operate all of that water?

Do Sloths Make Good Pets?

Sloths may be cute, but it is important to understand just how much work would go into having a wild animal as a pet.

This Baby Sloth Will Crawl Right into Your Heart

Our first-ever baby sloth has been born, and they are cute as can be!

Oh, Baby! We Have a New Giraffe Calf

We welcomed our newest Zoo member when giraffe Johari gave birth to a male calf on October 19.

We’re Building a Home for Rescued Bears

See how we’re giving Florida black bears a second shot at life.

A Tribute to Lorraine and Tessa

We recently made the difficult but humane decision to euthanize two of our most long-term residents.

Registrar at desk

Animal Registrar: A One-Person Information Station

The registrar may not be the face of the Zoo, but it’s one position we couldn’t operate without.

Babirusa piglet

Our First Babirusa Piglet Is Here!

On Saturday, August 4, two-year-old Piggy delivered Java, the first north Sulawesi babirusa ever born at the Zoo!



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