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Florida black bear

When Can I See the Bear?

She’s (almost) ready to meet you!

A Radical Transformation Is Underway in La Selva

Using the latest science, conducted both at animal care facilities and in the wild, Rainforest Revealed will change the face of the Zoo as you know it.

What’s Up with Cassowaries’ Heads?

For centuries, the large growth on the cassowary’s head was a mystery to scientists. Now they think it could help keep these big birds cool!

A Tale of Four Lillys

The most popular name at the Zoo belongs to both furry and scaly creatures!

Building for Bears: Turning Research into Reality

A lot of science went into designing the perfect home for rescued bears.

Cute Alert: A Recap of Our 2018 Babies

Take a look back at our cutest moments of 2018.

Some of Our Volunteers Have Unusual Assignments

Our volunteers are integral to the daily operations of the Zoo and some of them have more unusual tasks than others.

Where Your #GivingZOOday Contribution Will Go

For this year’s #GivingZOOday, all donations will go toward enrichment items for our Florida black bear. You’ll be able to see these items in action when the bear habitat opens in early 2019!