Behind the Scenes

Meet the Vet Techs: Kristi

Kristi was well on her way to becoming an occupational therapist when a love of animals stepped in the way.

Meet the Vet Techs: Beth

Having worked at Brevard Zoo for nearly 15 years, Beth has seen a lot of changes! But one thing remains the same: a passion for her patients.

Meet the Keepers: Michelle

Michelle knows how icky zookeeping can be, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet the Keepers: Michele

Michele grew up admiring Brevard Zoo’s animals, and now she cares for them professionally.

Meet the Keepers: Kim

Kim excels at connecting guests with the animal kingdom.

Meet the Keepers: Sebastian

Learn how Sebastian went from selling hot dogs to training cheetahs.

Meet the Keepers: Nikki

Nikki’s love of primates makes her a natural fit for La Selva.

Filling in for Mom

Raising baby animals may seem like fun, but it’s a lot of work!



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