Behind the Scenes

Birth of a Giant: Our Newest Giraffe Calf

In the early evening hours of St. Patrick’s Day, a handful of Zoo staff were lucky enough to witness one of the animal kingdom’s most awe-inspiring spectacles: the birth of a giraffe!

Saying Goodbye to Ivory

“One of the hardest, but best things in caring for animals is being able to do the right thing for them at the right time so they never have to suffer.”

Meet the Vet Techs: Kristi

Kristi was well on her way to becoming an occupational therapist when a love of animals stepped in the way.

Meet the Vet Techs: Beth

Having worked at Brevard Zoo for nearly 15 years, Beth has seen a lot of changes! But one thing remains the same: a passion for her patients.

Meet the Keepers: Michelle

Michelle knows how icky zookeeping can be, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet the Keepers: Michele

Michele grew up admiring Brevard Zoo’s animals, and now she cares for them professionally.

Meet the Keepers: Kim

Kim excels at connecting guests with the animal kingdom.

Meet the Keepers: Sebastian

Learn how Sebastian went from selling hot dogs to training cheetahs.



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