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Sammy Undergoes Enucleation

Dromedary camel Sammy is recovering from the removal of his right eye.

Checking in on Brody’s Hips

It has been a month since Brody’s hip surgery. How is he doing?

Thumper Goes to the Dentist

Thumper the swamp wallaby is on the mend following treatment for a dental infection.

Inside Brody’s Surgery

Last week, Brody became the first-ever bear to undergo this corrective surgery.

“Is That Bird Okay?”

Yep—just catching some rays!

Catching up With Rafiki

What is the big guy up to these days?

Brody with stuffed animals

The Science of Play

“Playtime” is not only super cute, but also great for animals!

Lauren with Brody

The Truth About “the Best Job in the World”

Taking care of young critters may look like a fun-filled job, but lots of knowledge and hard work is needed to raise an animal from birth.