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Florida black bear Cheyenne searches for sunflower seeds dispersed by a new environmental enrichment device.

Giving Our Black Bears a Unique Form of Enrichment

A new device will build on our animal care staff’s efforts and allow our bears to enjoy some extra enrichment with the opportunity to have some control over their environment as well.

Lemurs Matilda and Kamots on lemur island

Retirement Homes for Our Animals

In an effort to provide lifelong care for Zoo animals, we’ve created custom “retirement homes” for some of our geriatric individuals.


Give From the Heart: Improving Wellness, One Scale at a Time

For our Give From the Heart campaign this year, we’re asking for your help to purchase and replace scales to weigh our Zoo residents.

Cardiologist Dr. Borde performs ultrasound on Agave the coatimundi

Checking Up on Agave

One of our young white-nosed coatis, Agave, recently received a diagnosis and treatment plan following collapsing episodes.

Pepper the cheetah

Understanding Life Expectancy

Our team conducts quality of life assessments anytime an animal has an injury or illness; or when they reach 80 percent of their lifespan. Illnesses and injuries are easy to define, but how do we know when an animal has reached that 80 percent mark? 

Macaw in quarantine with enrichment

Caring for Our Birds in Quarantine

While many of our bird species are in quarantine for their safety, our animal care staff have taken on many extra duties and assignments in order to provide the best possible care for our bird family.

A den.

Learning from Our New Bear Dens

Our animal care team wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we built dens for our two Florida black bears, Cheyenne and Brody. After a few months, we are excited to share that we have learned a lot!

two siamangs hanging from rope

A Happy Update on Sapphire the Siamang

We’re so happy to share that our 43-year-old siamang, Sapphire, is recovering well following an exploratory surgery.