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Java Moves in With Dad

This father-son pair hit it off immediately!

Is Love in the Air for Romeo and Juliet?

At the end of the month, our pair of southern cassowaries will be introduced for a shot at romance!


“Where Are the Elephants?”

…and the penguins and the tigers?

Managing Mulac’s Kidney Disease

Our keepers and veterinarians address the challenges of caring for an aging jaguar.

Ajabu radiograph

Keeping an Eye on Ajabu

See how our animal care team is monitoring a bony growth on klipspringer Ajabu.

Farrier trimming Iggy the zebra's hoof

Enhancing Wellness One Hoof at a Time

Farrier Steve Foxworth paid the Zoo a visit to help our staff improve their hoof-trimming techniques.

Kyle Donnelly

Dr. Donnelly Earns Prestigious Veterinary Certification

After years of study, we are proud to call Dr. Donnelly a diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine!

scarlet ibis

Rainforest Revealed: Experience the Aviary

Ibis, spoonbills and geese are stretching their wings in their spacious new home.