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A fish lays on its side on bubble wrap before surgery.

Performing Surgery on a Fish

Have you ever wondered how fish undergo surgery? One of our pinfish needed to have their eye removed recently.

Giant anteater eating avocado

Counting Down to 2023 with Zooperlatives

Thank you for joining us as we’ve counted down to the new year with Zooperlatives. We can’t wait to see you in 2023! 

Masaya jaguar

Happy International Jaguar Day!

It’s International Jaguar Day – and there’s no better way to celebrate than by learning more about our female jaguar Masaya! You can spot Masaya in our Rainforest Revealed loop.  

Giving ZOOday: Support our Bear Trio

This Giving ZOOday, we’re asking for your help to support the level of care we give our Florida black bears, Cheyenne, Brody and Betty.

Eko the bobcat

Eko’s Home Renovations

Bobcat Eko has made his triumphant return to our Wild Florida loop following the completion of his newly renovated habitat.

Chilean flamingo chick stands in their nest with a parent nearby

Growing Our Flamingo Flamboyance

A chick has hatched to our flock of Chilean flamingos! As we celebrate this moment, our animal care team is reflecting on the reasons behind this success – and making plans to take the lessons learned to guide the care of our flock in the future.

A Florida black bear licks a sealed yellow container

Testing Bear-Resistant Items with Brody and Cheyenne

Brevard Zoo’s two adult Florida black bears will test potential bear-resistant products like garbage cans, food storage bins, and more.

Two men inspect a bee hive.

Tending To Our Hives

This National Honey Bee Day, we’re taking a look inside the beehives at Brevard Zoo.