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Remembering Casper

We are heartbroken to share that the tough, but compassionate decision was made to euthanize our longtime Barnyard resident, Casper the alpaca, after his quality of life recently took a significant downturn. 

Carletta the alpaca stands in the Barnyard

Remembering Carletta

We recently said goodbye to Carletta the alpaca, one of the longtime residents of our Barnyard area. She will be missed.

Two alpacas

The Story of the Alpaca

Learn the storied past of the alpaca, and share it with your friends the next time you visit these guys in the Paws On Petting Zone!

Zookeeper Em and animal tattoo

Zoo Tattoos: Em

If you know Em, you won’t be surprised to learn that a good portion of her body is devoted to the creatures she’s known and loved.